One twenty-something femme, one yoga practice, split between the Plains and the Pacific.

To do:
Don't fail at being a grown-up, yoga it up daily, meditate daily

Ready, set, GO!

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FINALLY WELL! Its amazing what my body went through these past few days. To have felt so incredibly weak after a month of feeling so strong, it was like I felt the change in my body tenfold. Ever muscle felt transparent, shot; every movement took so much effort. Ahh it feels so good to feel better! And its so beautiful out today! I’m starting to dread going back to the snow and the cold and the wind and the ice in Ohio. But I know that winter is never as bad as I remember. I rolled out my mat in my backyard and did and hour and half of relatively strong practice in the sun. I took my time, but I could feel how much my body wanted to be moving and getting strong again. Certain poses felt really restorative today, others I found new resistance in. My balance was really great today. I felt really clear headed and focused.  My hips were incredibly tight, so I spent a while doing some hip openers.  While I was in Savasana, this super friendly chubby cat in my neighborhood came up to the front porch to lay in the sun on our steps. Whenever she comes over, she stands by the door and meows and meows and meows, trying to coax someone- anyone- outside to play. I sat for a few minutes after I finished my yoga and did some metta practice, and then went out around the house and sprawled out with her on the steps for an hour reading, just soaking up the warmth and loving a little fat creature climbing all over me.