One twenty-something femme, one yoga practice, split between the Plains and the Pacific.

To do:
Don't fail at being a grown-up, yoga it up daily, meditate daily

Ready, set, GO!

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"We want our sitting to make us what we are not; we want to be calm, clear, or enlightened. We’d like to be able to call that rejection of our self just as we are ‘aspiration,’ but all too often it’s just another word for self-hate. Sitting, first and foremost, is sitting with who we are―what we see in the mirror. Our practice is to sit and look and say to ourselves, over and over, ‘That’s me.’

Cherish your questions, but do not chase after answers. Sit still amid your doubt, restlessness, loneliness, and anxiety. They are not obstacles to your practice―they are your practice."

- Barry Magid, Practice: You Can’t Do It Wrong (via sharanam)

(via dhammanovice2)