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Summertime!! Sorry I haven’t written in forever, final papers were rough. But my hard work paid off- looks like I’ll be getting some hot grades! I’m back in LA now, and I’m enjoying the sunshine (and sunburns- yay Irish skin!) I don’t start work until the 13th, so I’m doing a lot of cooking, hiking, TV watching and frolicking with friends. I’ve gone for a few great runs and swims, did some lovely light yoga. I want to get back into shape a bit though before I go back and embarrass myself in Bryan’s challenging classes. My best friend Julia and I went for a fab run this morning. We’ve started what we’re jokingly calling Project Fitness Barbie, in honor of our silly beloved, legwarmer rockin’ childhood Aerobics Barbies. We in no way endorse Barbie’s warped physique as a model for young girls, we simply endorse her legwarmers and love for Jazzercise. The Project consists of morning runs every other day, Saturday night swims and cooking parties. I’m trying to get her to come to yoga with me, but she wants to stick to jogging for a while- we’ll see! Oh golly gee, do I love summer!


Boy oh boy am I SORE today! I went for a long run on the beach bike path yesterday. My friend Julia was going to come with me but she woke up sick, so I went solo. I started where the path starts, and ran 3 miles to the Santa Monica Pier. It was such a fantastic run- challenging but rewarding. I did a lot of sprinting (which I’m better at) and then pushed myself to just run for as long as I could. It was cool and cloudy out, there were tons of other people on the path biking, rollerblading, running and strolling. Some people don’t look up from the pavement as they pass you, which always wigs me out a bit as someone who was raised to say “good morning” to people you pass rather than ignoring them. But then there is that rare other person who looks up at you, drenched in sweat and smiles and pants, “mornin’!”. It was just so cool to run to Santa Monica basically from my house. LA is such a car dependent city, it was amazing to get somewhere on foot that I had only ever driven to.


My neighborhood here in LA is super hilly, with all sorts of steep inclines and loops- its like a runner’s playground. Best of all, there are a bunch of hidden stairwells linking streets. My favorite is a five flight evil set of stairs with a view of the ocean- I’ve been running up and down it during my past few runs. My running buddy Julia keeps flakin’ on me! haha but I’ve been having great times without her. I had a really nice, quick sit before my run yesterday that really put me in a great space. I started my new internship this week, so I’m trying to gauge when the best time would be to fit in some yoga classes. I worry if I try to run to the studio after work that I’ll be that annoying late person that everyone glares at, elbowing my way in too close to other peoples’ mats. But I also don’t want to let my job get in the way of my practice! Wahh whatever, I’ll figure it out soon. I just feel like I’m missing some balance, and I want to get it back asap.