One twenty-something femme, one yoga practice, split between the Plains and the Pacific.

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Don't fail at being a grown-up, yoga it up daily, meditate daily

Ready, set, GO!

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MOTIVATION: anywhere/anytime.

A “workout” can truly be anything. Sure a clearly defined gym visit or run, yoga class or cycling session is great. But get creative! A know that an MYB lifestyle embraces it all! Literally, everything counts. I’m talking taking the stairs and instead of the elevator or escalator. Walking home instead of taking the subway or driving. Biking or running between your errands. Carrying you groceries home by hand instead of driving. Rearranging furniture! A super quick mini sweat session between your busy schedule. Lunges between where you are and where you gave to go. Maybe don’t go lunging around your office. But if you’re there late night, don’t be afraid to bust out some push ups or yoga in your office. Traveling on a plane? Get some stretches in.

No matter what you do or where, it’s great for both mind and body. You don’t have to be in full head-to-toe dri-fit or in the confines of a gym to get your MYB on. Instead, see the world as your “gym” and see how you can up your heartbeat in all kinds of ways wherever you are. 

photos vis yogicphotos:

Jordan, the last photo shoot before leaving Mysore for a few months.  We had a great time exploring the train station!

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